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Nov 20, 2010

Published Nov 20, 2010

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Mesa Family History Expo

January 21 & 22, 2011
Mesa Arizona Convention Center.


Winter Weekend Research Getaway - Effective Use of Technology

Thursday, January 27th  -  Saturday January 29th  9:00AM- 5:00PM

New England Historic Genealogical Society

99 Newbury St.

Boston MA, 02116

Ancestry reached an agreement with The National Archives, UK to acquire and publish online the 1911 England and Wales Census. The complete set of 1911 Census records go live on by county, starting in late 2010 and completing in 2011. 

Family Tree Maker for Mac


NARA announced New Options Now Available for Reproductions of National Archives Holdings

If you’re looking to order copies of NARA’s holdings – including copies now available in digital form – you can use one of the following methods:

The National Archives online ordering system 

Download the appropriate form from frpom the NARA website

For microfilm orders, researchers can use the online ordering system   or download a paper form

Contact the National Archives


Beta FamilySearch recently published its first digital Chinese collection, along with additional digital image collections from Belgium, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Twenty million additional indexed records were also published for Civil War and Revolutionary War collections and the 1851 Census for England and Wales.

Library of Congress
Redesigned search system  - 1100 finding aids will now lead remote and onsite researchers to more than 32 million archival items.

Australian Newspapers
The National Library of Australia has launched a new version of their Australia Trove website and a user forum 

Google Earth Updates
The Google Earth and Maps Imagery team has just released another extensive batch of aeriel and satellite images.

Check out:

The Baltimore Maritime Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Get the complete picture of the updated imagery KML download and view in Google Earth

this KML for viewing in Google Earth.  


“Who Do You Think You Are? is coming back for a second season in January 2011, and is already doing some shooting of part of an episode at the State Archives in Trenton NJ.  Read about.



From Pat:  “I just listened to your 100th episode with great nostalgia.  Can something so "young" in years still create nostalgia for breaking a milestone such as this?  YES!…I did notice how many callers mentioned blogging thanks to your encouragement and lessons.  I wonder if that might be an interesting survey--how many people started blogs directly thanks to your influence in Genealogy Gems?  I know I did!” 

Michael wrote in about Google Earth for Genealogy: “I have very much enjoyed learning about GLO Records and Google Earth.  I went back to the site yesterday and discovered that they have enhanced their website. At…Thank you again for a great program, I have been plotting my families birth, marriage, death, burial, land patents, etc.  It has been very revealing and helpful in suggesting new places to go look for more info.”

Robert wrote: “I am a relatively new listener to your Genealogy Gems podcasts…Being in the over 50 crowd and not very "techy savy", I had my daughter help me and now I am busy catching up on all the episodes.  I routinely listen to them when I go on my daily runs through my iPhone.  What a wonderful and I cannot begin to thank you enough.”

See Lisa at:

The Alberta Genealogical Society Conference

April 16 & 17, of 2011
Edmonton, Alberta

GEM: Professional Genealogist

Interview with Alvie Davidson, of APG