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Feb 21, 2012

Published Feb 21, 2012

In this episode you'll hear from UK presenter and historian Nick Barratt.


GEM: Listener Betty Wynn

Betty talks about how she uses my book The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox.

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GEM: Interview with Nick Barratt 

“Dr Nick Barratt obtained a PhD in history from King's College London in 1996, editing the 1225 Exchequer pipe roll and several Exchequer receipt rolls from the 1220s when the National Archives: Public Record Office maintained a site at Chancery Lane. On joining the National Archives: Public Record Office at Kew later the same year as a reader adviser.

Nick started work in television whilst working at the BBC as a specialist archive researcher for a number of programmes. His valuable links to the largest archival institutions in the country and expertise helped lay the foundation of the network he has in place today. This network allows Nick and his team of researchers to effectively complete projects in any archive across the country.”