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Dec 14, 2008

Published Dec 13, 2008

GEM: Name That Tune

I'll See You In My Dreams was a big hit for Cliff Edwards who also performed it on the ukuele.  In fact he was known as "Uulele Ike."

If you think you know the name of today's mystery song, please email me call and leave the answer on the voice mail line...

Dec 1, 2008

Published Dec 1, 2008

Welcome all the NEW listeners who discovered the show at the Family History Expo in Mesa, AZ.  We're so glad you"re on board! 

Watch this video to learn how to use the free iTunes software (you don't need an iPod to use it!), and subscribe to this podcast for free.

Then watch this video to learn...

Nov 2, 2008

Published Nov 2, 2008

I am very happy to announce that  I just launched my brand new podcast called Family History: Genealogy Made Easy.   The new show really captures two areas of focus that are really sort of outside the focus of this show. 

First, I wanted to do a show that anybody could stumble upon and with...

Oct 20, 2008

Published Oct 20, 2008

October is Family History Month 

Lisa with her prized pumpkin

Genealogy Gems Halloween Greetings 

Halloween Haunts Podcast by WHRO FM radio:  Stories based on ghostly legends and lore of Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Thanks to my friend Michelle Gabriele-Harrell producer off the Halloween Haunts...

Oct 6, 2008

Published Oct 6, 2008

"And this year I hit the jackpot when I was able to track down one of his long lost cousins who had a treasure trove of family history tucked away in the rafters of her garage." (Below: Bill and cousin)

Premium episode all about how to tap into your inner private eye to find those long lost living...