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Feb 10, 2012

Published Feb 10, 2012

In this episode we cover the latest news from RootsTech 2012, my video interview with Nick Barratt, and an in depth look at Find A Grave with the website's creator, Jim Tipton.


Watch the recording of my presentation Genealogy Podcasts and Blogs 101 RootsTech 2012 website. It’s part of the Saturday Recap Video.

Roots Tech was the public debut of my new book Everything You Need to Know About How to Find Your Family in Newspapers and I just want to thank everyone for the amazing response.  It’s really obvious that a comprehensive book on newspaper research was LONG overdue.

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Read more about and watch my chat with Genealogy Gems Podcast listener and contest winner Carol Genung.

GENEALOGY GEMS APP BONUS CONTENT:  Listen to the interview with podcast listener and contest winner Carol Genung. 

Watch my chat with television presenter and historian Nick Barratt.


Brightsolid (Now FindMyPast)
Now one of the big players in British online records brightsolid made a HUGE splash at RootsTech 2012 not only with it’s huge and colorful display at the front of the Exhibit Hall, but also by announcing while there that they have formally entered the US genealogy market with the launch of a ground-breaking, "pay-as-you-go" website:

Read all about it: Brightsolid Enters US Genealogy Market With

Customers of the new site will be able to search all US census records from 1790 to 1930 and it will also house the 1940 US census records, when they are released later this year.

My Heritage / World Vital Records
Also making news was They have recently acquired World Vital and now are also making a splash onto the U.S. scene.  I spoke with CEO Gilad Japhet and he told me they have just opened a U.S. office in Provo Utah and will be introducing some exciting new changes in the near future that take advantage of the huge new record collection they have acquired from World Vital Records and will make it easier than ever to build your existing MyHeritage family tree.


FamilySearch Launches Mobile Indexing App
FamilySearch announced a mobile Indexing App at RootsTech that is meant to expand the capability of volunteers to help make the world’s historic records searchable online.  The mobile device app works on Apple iPads, iPhones, and Droid smartphones.


From Pat in New York:

“Lisa--Once again I find myself driving along listening to you and mentally adding "To Do" items faster than the speed limit will allow! :)  It's like having tea again with a childhood friend -- your comforting tone is oh-so-soothing at the end of the day for the drive home.”

Read Pat’s blog post at     “Lost Goose” newspaper notice which was a particular gem found in old small town newspapers. 

From Tina in the UK:

“Your new newspaper book: I wondered if the content might be solely to do with US newspapers, or do you cover other countries too?  I'm interested as I haven't had a lot of luck.”

The book is first and foremost a newspaper research process.  This applies to newspapers regardless of their location.  It does however include a fairly extensive International newspaper Appendix.  It is of course impossible to make it complete, however it will certainly give you some great leads, and also provide you with a sense of what is out there and other types of similar websites to look for.  While newspaper research starts online, it very often ends offline.  And certainly the worksheets would be applicable to all newspaper research.

Sandi wrote: "Just got my signed copy today. Thanks, Lisa! I know I will get lots of GEMS :) I foresee this being a well-used workbook."

Nancy wrote: "Got my signed book in the mail today. Well done. Lots of fantastic tips.  and references for all states. I'm reading through it. Thanks, Lisa,  for a great book"

Newspaper Lecturer Bret Petersen wrote: "I sure wish that I had had a book like that when I started researching newspapers!”

Question from Dave: 

“It's funny that I feel like I can call you Lisa although I have never met you in person.  I just renewed my premium membership for the second year So I have been following you for quite a while.  I love your shows; Gems, premium, and family tree magazine! I listen regularly and always can't wait for the next issue to come out!”

“On to my question: I was reviewing your hard drive organization videos (fantastic by the way)  and noticed you mentioned Springfield Ohio as an ancestral home.  I too have relatives there. I am currently fascinated by my civil war veteran ancestor Samuel S Cowan…I was wondering where to locate possible obituaries for Springfield?  What News Papers were commonly read there? 

Thanks again for all you do to feed mine and others addiction to family history!”

Check out Dave’s photographs of the Jerseyville IL Victorian Days festival. 

Lisa Recommends: Chronicling America website 

Also check out my video on Using Newspapers in Genealogy at my YouTube channel



Alison Shares a Grandma Names Followup

“I saw this article in The Australian newspaper today & it reminded me of your stories about Davy so I thought you may like to read it. (Click image below to enlarge)

From Alan:

“I very much enjoy your podcast.  I wanted to share the name my granddaughter uses for me, one that I think any genealogist might love.  We were Skyping one day and my son referred to me as Dad.  This was confusing to my granddaughter, so he explained that I was Old Dad – and that has ever since been my name.”


GEM: Jim Tipton – FindAGrave


GEM: Your Life in 5 Minutes (Part 6) with Sunny Morton 

Get Sunny's book "Your Life & TImes: A Guided Journal for Collecting Your Stories by clicking this link: My Life & Times